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Stroller Blanket

Stroller Blanket

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Say goodbye to blankets getting kicked off, rolled over, thrown, or even lost during walks. No matter how hard your little one kicks, this blanket is not coming off the stroller! The stroller buckle easily slides through the loops on the blanket keeping it in place and your baby warm the whole time your little one is in the stroller. The blanket is easy to put on and easy to take off as you buckle and unbuckle your child. Because the buckle slides under the blanket, you can still tuck the blanket around your child the way you normally would. The blanket is long enough to cover your baby but short enough that it won't drag on the ground.


do not leave unattended with an infant under the age of 12mo due to suffocation risk. It is not recommended to have anything in a crib for a baby under 12 mo while they sleep.

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