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Boo Boo Bags for Kids

Boo Boo Bags for Kids

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4x4 Kids Boo Boo Bags, rice bags in fun patterns for kids! Please note, pattern placement will vary.

- Bumps and bruises are no fun, but these soft fabrics and fun prints make it a little better! These work great for imaginary boo boos too! 😉

- Thoughtfully handcrafted from soft 100% cotton flannel and filled with organic rice. Heat in the microwave for warm, moist heat or keep one in the freezer ready to go for quick relief on bumps and injuries.

- Great alternative to disposable ice packs and heat packs. Eco friendly and reusable.


COLD - Place in a zip lock bag in the freezer for a few hours and remove from the bag for use. Not as harsh as a bag of ice or frozen peas :) Soft and much more comfortable for your child.

HEAT - Microwave in 10 second increments until warm. Shake the bag to distribute the heat evenly throughout the rice bag. Be sure to check the temperature after microwaving to ensure it is not too hot for your child! These also work great as a heat pad for eye styes!


⭐Relief from eye styes and tooth aches.

⭐These make great hand warmers! Just slip a heated rice pad in a coat pocket for warmth on a cold winter day

⭐Bean bag toss? Play a game of toss with these rice "bean bags" and have your little ones toss into a bucket, bowl or whatever you have handy! Ideal size for little hands

woman owned, handmade in the usa, small batch, not on amazon

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