Meet Rachel and Traci, Twig and Rue Boutique

Meet Rachel and Traci, Twig and Rue Boutique


Today, I'm excited to introduce you to Traci and Rachel, owners of Twig and Rue Boutique!

What made you start your business?

When we started Twig and Rue it was kind of an accident!  It just happened.  We started making knits during the pandemic, and then graduated to genuine leather and wood earrings.  We found that not only did we enjoy making earrings, but our friends and families wanted them too! And it kinda grew from there!  Twig and Rue was born.   Here we are two years later, we have an Etsy shop, a website, and you can find our earrings in 9 local shops or find us at many local festivals around the Madison area.

What is your biggest accomplishment in your business so far?

Our biggest accomplishments so far have been that we learn and grow as business owners each month.  We continue to out do ourselves each month, and we pride ourselves on being able to support other small business owners in the process!

How do you handle competition in your field/market?

There is enough room for all makers, and we have really enjoyed meeting and becoming friends with makers who have a shared interest.  Our focus is to make sure that our customer is heard and feels valued.  We make sure our product is fresh and current each season, so that even the most loyal customer always knows we have something new for them. We provide a loyalty program for our customer.  Our Twig & Rue fans love that our earrings are made for the most sensitive ears and are super lightweight.  Even those who claim they can’t wear any earrings, love a T&R pair!

What are 3 business goals you have for the next year?

AHHH!  They change all the time! Depending on when you ask us, and which one of us you ask!

For real, though.  We have goals as big as having a brick and mortar, to a mobile boutique trailer, to expanding our wholesale business, and simple goals like being better organized and having a better handle on our inventory! 

What is your favorite product you make/sell?

We love that as makers we are evolving and growing each day.  We hand cut our leather, and use a laser to cut our acrylic and wood, so each style allows us the opportunity to grow and stretch ourselves. We have too many favorites to pick just one!


Thanks ladies! Their designs are beautiful, and you can shop them on my website now!

You can also check out their other designs and follow along at

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