Meet Denise and Lenise- Simply Elementary Stickers

Meet Denise and Lenise- Simply Elementary Stickers

 Today, I am excited to introduce you to Denise and Lenise of Simply Elementary Stickers! I love reading, so I knew I had to have some of their beautiful bookmarks available for you all at Autumn and June. I reached out to them, and I was thrilled when they said yes! Keep reading to learn more about them and their businesses!

Denise Richardson and Lenise Braziel

First tell us a bit about you and your business.

Yes, we're sisters - identical twin sisters & best friends!

I'm Denise, a recently retired second-grade teacher, and my twin Lenise is
a retired banker. As a second-grade teacher, I loved supporting my
colleagues, if I can make them smile after a rough day in the classroom
that's even better! Over the years, we've created cards, stickers, and tags for
family, friends and teachers. After lots of encouragement, we decided
creating stickers, especially for educators would be lots of fun for us and
hopefully for them so we opened our second shop - Simply Elementary

Our crafting addiction started many years ago with scrapbooking and
overtime we've used those skills to create projects of all kinds for friends
and family using a variety of materials. So, when you want to personalize a
gift, make party favors, create decor for your wedding but simply don't
have the time or know how, well that's where our first shop Neeses'
Creations can help!

What is your best-selling item?


Our bestseller is absolutely our cute magnetic bookmarks! These little
wonders are not just practical; they bring an extra layer of style and
personality to your reading.

We've poured creativity into every design, offering everything from cute
animals to inspiring quotes. It's all about elevating your reading
And here's the bonus: if you see a sticker you adore in our shop, we can
work our magic and transform it into a magnetic bookmark too! We're all
about making your reading moments magnetic and memorable!


What is your favorite product you make/sell?

My two favorite bookmarks are our:
Gnot Today Gnome bookmark + Sticker

 And our cute Corgis

Crafting our magnetic bookmarks is an absolute joy! It's not just a process;
it's a passion. From start to finish, we pour our heart and soul into every
single one.
We're not just makers; we're creators! We dream up the designs, bring
them to life with vibrant prints, and then skillfully cut & fold them into
fantastic bookmarks.
When you want to mark your page, you simply fold the magnetic bookmark
over the page you’re on, while the magnets hold it in place on both sides of
the page.

What made you start your business?

My twin sister Lenise & I were full of excitement as we launched our second Etsy
Shop, and we're on a mission to give teachers a reason to smile! We both
have a shared dedication to bringing joy to others especially educators.
Lenise helped me in my classroom every year to prepare for the upcoming

Throughout the years, we've whipped up cards, stickers, and tags for my
colleagues & our loved ones, and the response has been incredible. The
encouragement we received led us to a brilliant idea – creating stickers
tailor-made for educators! We proudly introduced our shop, Simply Elementary Stickers! Our goal was to spread smiles, one sticker at a time.

Our business has expanded beyond stickers; we now offer bookmarks,
digital downloads, and note cards.

 What is your Biggest accomplishment so far?

Our most significant achievement to date for Simply Elementary Stickers
has been wholesaling our products on Faire. It brings immense joy to
know that educators and book enthusiasts nationwide can discover our
stickers and bookish merchandise in retail stores that champion educators
and in charming bookshops!

According to ERank Simply Elementary Stickers has sold more than
96.6% of other shops on Etsy.
ERank is a tool designed to help Etsy sellers improve their shop's
visibility and performance on the Etsy platform. It provides various
features and analytics to assist sellers in optimizing their product
listings, understanding search engine optimization (SEO), and
staying informed about their shop's statistics.


I loved learning more about you and your businesses. Their websites are linked above and you can find them on Instagram!

Shop their bookmarks at Autumn and June here, here, here, and here!

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