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Mental Health Affirmation Cards Set

Mental Health Affirmation Cards Set

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These cards are perfect for those looking to become more mindful and centered in their daily lives. The pack of 50 cards is filled with inspiring positive affirmations that will help you focus on what truly matters. They are designed to bring joy and peace into your day.

Each card measures 4"x6”, and is printed on high-quality cardstock. Choose your wooden block in either white or brown. The block is 4.6 x 1.1 x 0.9 Inch.

These Affirmation Cards + Wooden Block set will be a great addition to your home and office. It's can also be used as a thoughtful, unique and meaningful gift idea for any occasion too! You can also use them as part of your daily mindfulness or journaling practice. Whether you're looking to create peace and calm or goal setting, these cards and block are sure to help.


women owned, handmade 

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